Flyer 2013
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Weserkurier, 02. Mai 2011
Eine Frau steht täglich ihren Mann – Nina Monsig ist Geschäftsführerin des Bremer Paletten-Kontor
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Delmenhorster Kreisblatt, 13. April 2011
Europaletten gehen stapelweise von Stuhr aus auf die Reise
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Weserlotse – Logistics Pilot, Ausgabe Februar 2011
Ein Bericht über das Familienunternehmen und den familiären Firmencharacter
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Our Company

Our team here at Bremer Paletten-Kontor is the epitome of high-performance.
We’ve made it our challenge to use our expert knowledge and extensive service to their best in order to supply you with the very best packing solutions to satisfy your individual needs. Whatever kind of pallets you require, we’re always on hand to help with the procurement of new or old, standard or bespoke pallets alongside a wide range of other packing systems.


Stuhr pallet plant

Our headquarters are located in the North German town of Stuhr. This is the epicentre
of our logistical planning and expert advisory services. We also have an extensive
warehouse stock covering a wide range of products for immediate supply at all times. Bespoke pallets produced to satisfy your individual requirements are available
in any size and can also be completed at short notice.














Bremer Paletten-Kontor GmbH  •  Verwaltung: Gutenbergstraße 5a, D-28816 Stuhr  •  Telefon +49 (0)421 / 564 84-0  •  Telefax +49 (0)421 / 564 84-64